Novo CD em curso, e nova noite, mais cedo que o esperado ^_^

One of my old habits regarding music is doing cds with various songs, being of the same artist, conceptual like being only instrumental stuff or with music only taken from OSTs, or stuff from various artists and sources. It's exactly like the last example the CD that is in the works right now. A little different from the ones made for presentation purposes, this one follows the usual route that everything must be a sort of trip from beginning to end concerning every CD i make. It's a guilty pleasure and a obsession, even if most times the final results and journeys on every CD appear on a unconscious level. Some are depressive and a good soundtrack to slice your wrists or jump a window, others are just a good way for thinking, others are just a nice way to pass 80 minutes out of here, and so on. Not quite sure how this last one will be, but at least keeps me entertained.

Now for the new music night, it's planned for this upcoming Sunday. Basically next Monday it's holyday time here, so we thought it could be cool to make a music night Sunday, or to people to gather that day to have some drinks and a good time. Since nothing is scheduled on Bar do Bairro that day (30 of April), we should be there having another very fun night. It's so natural that we find that place like our most beloved place right now to play music and to hang out. Anyone that knows the place knows why we love it. It's the persons, mood and atmosphere, that transcends what music is playing or not, and makes us, and other people, love to be there.
This new flyer was made by me and follows the theme of using cats that my friend used on the last one, but with my limitations and touch of course, or the black borders that i seem to be addicted to use for now :P. With that and the night being so near the last one we made on the very same place, it was only normal the name to be a follow up too.


~ by Azelpds on June 5, 2006.

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