Flyer de Abril feito, alguns testes em curso


Music CD folders ready to go, everything is starting to be ready for new music nights and tests. Totally unknown results expected since everything could go for way too many directions as usual, but even more now. A very small test was made at the Lounge Café thingy with 2 kinds of directions, but all of it will be really get a decent test on the next night scheduled for the 13 of April at Bar do Bairro in Lisbon.


The flyer for that event is still in the works, hopefully will be finished and sent this weekend. I'm slowly getting back on track after that surgery operation i had and the recovering processing still ongoing. No beer for now, but at least some projects are back on track.

April flyer done and sent. Interesting results, i hope they like it. It will be posted here later this week.

Time to get other stuff on track and tomorrow i will try to go out a little to Lisbon, after having that time to rest from the surgery before. Hopefully some of my colaborations ideas will have results tomorrow too, depending on the answers of the persons and some places i may visit tomorrow. Or maybe nothing will come of it who knows. Everything depend now of them since i'm almost at 100% and fully excited to do stuff no matter if they are music related, writing or whatever. Just have to do something, simple as that, alone or not.


~ by Azelpds on June 5, 2006.

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