05-04-2006, a noite inesperada, que mudou tudo…


In a unexpected turn of events, Wednesday we were at Bar do Bairro not only celebrating some birthdays, but also playing music since the person that was to be there could not be there. So, we waited a little, enjoying some talk and started the music part after 11 or 12 pm and things were, literally, brutal lol. The mood was completely to drink, have a good time and so on, people were very happy. I was to test some stuff and did just that, and in the end the result was one the best nights ever on all fronts, where I felt that I found finally the “perfect” balance between giving something special to people, alternative music and accessible music. It was weird, but I think I finally reached that “state”. It was non-stop, 100+ tracks were played and even some people, including the owner, said that we were inspired lol. Now it’s time to get ready for the next night scheduled for next week. I hope to be even better and that people enjoy it as usual, and yes, I will test even more stuff and hopefully it will be relentless and non stop fun too.

~ by Azelpds on June 5, 2006.

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