*warming up*

Preparations for the incoming night of March 9th are full speed ahead, mostly regarding some music i'm thinking to test. Some names on my head right now are Mono (Japan), X-Dream and Explosions in the Sky, with this last one being an introduction made by a person i recently knew that have also some projects ongoing regarding music. I think a colaboration could be a really good idea and something to explore in a very near future.

Speaking of colaborations, i saw lately an exhibition on Lounge Café @ Cacém that made some click inside me. There was some really cool paintings and some of them made me think about writing stuff directly inspired by the pictures. Not sure yet if i will do this, and depending on my inspiration and mood, i will decide if i do or not the invitation to the person for some sort of colaboration where drawing/painting mix with writing or something like that.

basically i'm on a relatively good mood, and creative dare i say. Lots of new ideas coming at the same time on all fronts (music, writing, etc) just have to find time to do them all and some sort of balance. Until then, the next days will be spent preparing some stuff for the music night happening this Thursday and trying to write one or two things, or fighting some inner demons or something. o_0


~ by Azelpds on May 30, 2006.

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