Março 2006, carta de condução e outras coisas

It's true, i finally decided to get moving regarding getting a driver's license. I generally felt that this was the right moment for that. Let's see how things go, even if it's a little scary thinking of myself driving a car :p

On other subject, the flyer/poster for the night at Bar do Bairro is done. Again, i liked the result and i guess we can say an evolution of ideas and execution can be seen one after another, regarding the ones made by me like this one. Even if writing and other things were at some time my principal focus in life, lately messing with graphics is becoming a new passion. Sadly finding time to mess around is not been easy, and sometimes i lack motivation or become lazy and distracted by other stuff. Maybe because i like to do many stuff at the same time and inspirations come and go for all interests that i have or like. So, it's natural that something becomes paused until i go back to it, be graphics, music, writing or whatever.


~ by Azelpds on May 30, 2006.

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