Colaborações, e alguns pensamentos aleatórios

bscap005.jpgOki, i started thinking on a new music CD to present to other place in Lisbon. Instead of using the one i did for Incógnito and chosing the easy way, i had some ideas and decided to do a different one. Creating a new thing is always cool and better, and can always reflect also a particular mood that you have at the moment, or music direction on this case.

This one will be for a project made with other person. And besides this one i have another on my mind with other person. Yay! lol

The writing inspired by paintings is now on hold, until inspiration comes back a little.

Some random thoughts after another mad weekend, is that people definitily don't known me a little bit, and sometimes it's curious what they say about me. But sometimes that can make me a little sad, because some stuff that isn't true is said like it 's a fact or something. In a certain way, it could be a guilty pleasure of mine, or a simple thing like the brain is a fascinating thing, and even us, do not know very well how it works fully, or ourselves. And hey, it's always a matter of opinion anyway.

At least i'm still tring to walk my way, or whatever that is, without changing so much this weird thing that some people like to call, way of life. God, how melodramatic we are today. Note to others and self, never take a thing for granted on this side of the atlantic… It works for everything, music nights, writing and the…well, brain…

ahem, i think i need some sleep or something.


~ by Azelpds on May 30, 2006.

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