Before Sunrise…


The title is from a 1995 movie that tells a curious story where 2 people from different countries met, something happens and after a weekend (if my memory don't fails me), they never see eachother again. Until the sequel made in 2004 of course but that doesn't count for now :p

In some ways a similar thing happened this weekend, and even more curious, the girl was french too 0_0 At first she thought i wasn't portuguese because of the physical aspect, clothes and so on, but just like that, we started talking and we both spent the night in some places dancing, talking or just fooling around. After we both parted ways, i didn't even thought on stuff like that movie, but after of what happened and the thing about meeting someone special that you might never see again in your life, i started thinking that it was like a weird movie, that night. One day after, Before Sunrise then came to my mind.

I will try not to think so much for now about this, or it could start messing me up inside, or me deciding to go to France just like that lol. Heck, weirder things happened before, so you never know…

Speaking now of other subject, i wrote some texts related to those paintings i saw and talked before. I still want to try writing more before deciding what i really want to do with them. The music colaborations are also still on my mind.


~ by Azelpds on May 30, 2006.

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