31-10-2005 Halloween Party @ Lounge Café (Cacém) – Balanço

So Halloween is almost here, and it's confirmed that we will do a party in Cacém at the Lounge Café, home of a friend of mine. If everything goes as planned, we will have video/pictures projection, besides music of course. The Halloween poster was made by the person mentioned earlier, a close friend, very good in graphics hehe.

The Halloween night is over, everything went very well, loved the decoration and feeling it had. People were having fun, some came talk to me and it seemed everyone was really in a good mood. We had some photos taken on the night that we will put them here later.

This night we decided to do some tests on the projection aspect. So, besides pictures, we had video and some experiments with screensavers. Some friends are lately doing some tests at home with video jamming so, in the future, we will try to have more and more stuff besides music. Basically, all the persons involved in this really like to have fun doing it, and, specially, all of us like to do something. That is an important part of all the Diary of Hate Project thing. We don't consider ourselves very good on what we do (there are better people out there), and many stuff can be seen like really basic depending on the perspective, but…we do something. Even if it's small, doing something is important. Life is too short like many people say 0_o


~ by Azelpds on May 30, 2006.

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