27-05-2006 @ Bar do Bairro (Lisboa)

Bjork – Joga
Hooverphonic – Dictionary
Sigur Rós – Vaka
Swandive – Finally
Saint Etienne – Calico
Massive Attack – Antistar
The Postal Service – This Place Is a Prison
INXS – Never Tear Us Apart
Alphaville – A Victory of Love
Pet Shop Boys – Home and Dry
David Bowie – Starman
Iggy Pop – Candy
Morphine – Buena
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Red Right Hand
Leonard Cohen – The Future
Pulp – Wickerman
Ride – In a Different Place
Slowdive – Allison
Radiohead – Go to Sleep
Six By Seven – I.O.U. Love
Bloc Party – So Here We Are
Lali Puna – Past Machine
Pixies – Bone Machine
Queens of the Stone Age – Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
Placebo – Taste in Men
Muse – New Born
The Smashing Pumpkins – Zero
Franz Ferdinand – Outsiders
The Smiths – What Difference Does It Make?
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Hall Of Mirrors
The Sundays – Here's Where The Story Ends
Echo & The Bunnymen – Lips Like Sugar
Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus (Energy Mix)
Seabound – Day of the Century
Human League – Empire State Human
Tiga – You Gonna Want Me
Prodigy – Firestarter
The Chemical Brothers – The Golden Path
Scissor Sisters – Comfortably Numb
New Order – Crystal
The Organ – Love, Love, Love
The Cure – Fascination Street
Ornatos Violeta – Chaga
She Wants Revenge – Red Flags and Long Nights
Lali Puna – Grin and Bear
The Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies) (REQUEST)
James – Getting Away With It (All Messed Up)
R.E.M – Losing My Religion
Inspiral Carpets – This Is How It Feels
The Stone Roses – Fools Gold
The Jesus & Mary Chain – April Skies
Iggy Pop – Cry For Love
U2 – Where the Streets Have No Name (REQUEST)
David Bowie – Heroes
The Cranberries – Dreams
The Clash – Guns of Brixton
Sting – Englishman in New York
The Doors – Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
The Young Gods – Did You Miss Me?
Morphine – Radar
Blasted Mechanism – The Atom Bride Theme
Alphaville – Forever Young
Manuel Freire – Pedra Filosofal (REQUEST)
O,M.D. – Eletricity
Desireless – Voyage, Voyage
Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart (REQUEST)
Depeche Mode – Behind the Wheel
New Order – True Faith
Tiga – Far From Home
Underworld – Born Slippy/Nuxx
Prodigy – Voodoo People
The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy, Hey Girl
Ladytron – Evil (REQUEST)
INXS – Need You Tonight
Billy Idol – Dancing With Myself
U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday (REQUEST)
Joy Division – Transmission
The Doors – Break On Through ( To the Other Side) (REQUEST)
Radiohead – Karma Police
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps
The Sisters of Mercy – Under the Gun (Metropolis Mix) (REQUEST)
Sétima Legião – Por Quem Não Esqueci
Portishead – Roads (REQUEST)
Cat Power – I Don't Blame You
Portishead – Glory Box (REQUEST)
Lali Puna – The Daily Match (REQUEST)
Hooverphonic – Eden
Massive Attack – Bullet Boy
Goldfrapp – Utopia
The Postal Service – We Will Become Silhouettes
Skinny Puppy – Cult
Dead Can Dance – Summonning of the Muse
Nine Inch Nails – Something I Can Never Have (Natural Born Killers OST version)
Bauhaus – A Spy In The Cab
David Bowie – Space Oddity
Endraum – Personal compilation of tracks


~ by Azelpds on May 30, 2006.

One Response to “27-05-2006 @ Bar do Bairro (Lisboa)”

  1. […] No que toca à noite em si de dia 27, foi outra muito curiosa, que começou bastante calma mas depois só acabou às 6 da manha tal a brutalidade. (playlist) […]

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