26-11-2005 @ Lounge Café (Cacém) – Balanço

115.jpgAnother one gone. Sadly it was a night we had to end sooner than expected, because the place had to close at 2 am. With that, and the place being a lot calmer than usual, and with less people, we decided for a more intimate approach.

Funny thing, after seeing the playlist of the music we played on this event, i think we had some sort of trip this night, almost like a short conceptual journey. As usual many genres of music, but something there went a little ahead than usual. Starting quiet, with the lovely (and at the same time eerie) song Hunter by Bjork, and going next for the disturbing scene from Jacob's Ladder projecting on the wall, it only needed some minutes for us to know this night would be even more for the senses. After seing the full list, it seems we had a beginning, middle and end regarding music. Maybe it's only me, but i really sensed something tonight. With luck, some of the ideas we had will be used in the future.

Less people than usual = weirder mood = exploring stuff.

In a material train of thought (money and number of people), of course the night wasn't the best, both for me and my friend that owns the bar, but regarding myself, i don't mind much, the feeling i had, that one explained badly above, was enough for me to be happy.


~ by Azelpds on May 30, 2006.

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