24-01-2006 @ Bar do Bairro (Lisboa) – impressões

LuisCartazWIP 1.jpgbscap006.jpgLuisCartazWIP 2.jpg

yep, Toggam's birthday is today and a "party" is planned a few hours later today lolol. Dinner first, "party" later at Bar do Bairro, one of the best places you have now, at least for us, to hanging out in Bairro Alto, Lisbon. Not sure what people can expect from this night, except lots of alcohol induced moments of course. Some of the people will work next day, others decided to get the day off just in case lol.

We weren't to make a poster/flyer for this, but i decided to mess a little and do some bizarre ones, all of them inspired by the Laughing Man logo that you can see on the excellent anime series Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Maybe we'll use this symbol later on other experiences, but for now, enjoy two work in progress examples of what not to do when you don't have the inspiration to do stuff :p

Long live alcohol, birthday partys, fun people and good moods. That's what we can say from the night where Toggam made 22 years old lol.

Everything started with a dinner then we had an after party of sorts at Bar do Bairro in Lisbon. Everyone had a really great time, the worst being most of us having to work the next day but nothing serious. Headaches and hangovers only, the usual :p
The people at the bar is really great and we definitely love the place and them.

Regarding music, it was more or less the usual thing and we let ourselves go. We are now thinking and working already for the next night, scheduled for the 9th of February on this same place. Some ideas for the poster/flyer are already in motion and maybe we will use again the Laughing Man logo we mentioned on the last post, or maybe not.

I'm thinking also on doing a special night dedicated to Dead Can Dance, similar to the one we did some months ago for Young Gods, where you play more tracks than usual from that band but not in a excessive way, and maintaining the usual mood and feelings of what we generally do. Not sure when that night will happen, if ever, or maybe it's already for this February one. It will really depend on my mood, so nothing certain for now.

~ by Azelpds on May 30, 2006.

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