18-01-2006 @ Incógnito (Lisboa) – percurso e impressões


Besides the New Year's Party, we are looking to make some event on another known place in Lisbon (besides the ones already scheduled on the lovely Bar do Bairro place – many thx again to them for the support). On that one we will have to make a CD to present better our thing and that promisses to be interesting. Mostly because we normally do many CDs already to friends and so on and this will be another, but with a different purpose hehe.

PS: The CD we had to do for the other place in Lisbon hinted at the last post is done and we already gave it to them. So we are now waiting the reaction, and to see if we can do something on this particular place that has everything to do with our thing, at least for us of course ^_~ We are talking of "Incógnito", one of the oldest places in Lisbon where you can hear music and dance, and also one of the few ones on this city that has a diverse audience with diverse tastes, where you can hear many genres of music. We are looking forward to it.

Interesting night this one, even if the process till it happened went a little weird sometimes. The place had really good equipment, both for video and music, so it made possible for us to extend a little some ideas we had (and did) before on both fronts.

It was a very enjoyable evening, some friends of us went too and had a really good time. It was cool because all of us were in a middle of stressful moments related to work, so this night was a good escape for all of us to relax a little.


~ by Azelpds on May 30, 2006.

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