09-03-2006 @ Bar do Bairro (Lisboa) – impressões

And speaking of that, last music night went well as usual. The mood was a tad weird sometimes, and the tracks played reflected not only that but a move going for a direction that we can call like hmm, even more alternative? Not sure if we can say that, but this night definitily was a tad different than others. At the time i wasn't sure if i liked so much this one, but after some days, and looking to the playlist, i feel it was ok and i like what happened. In many ways, we are still moving on that goal to try that people have some fun, but now the will to make them feel that we gave them something special, or special track that they like and aren't so used to hear outside their homes, is also a major point of these nights. When the night ended, a couple came to say thanks for the music choices, so i guess that little by little maybe we are really moving on a positive direction, since lately some people talk to us after those nights, sharing their opinions, or simply talking with us. I like that, it's very cool and i really have to thank them, the persons there, for their kindness, besides their presence of course.


~ by Azelpds on May 30, 2006.

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