09-02-2006 @ Bar do Bairro (Lisboa) – Balanço


Only a few days until this one happens. I decided to go for a more simple approach regarding the flyer for this event and i think i like the result. Lovely picture and lovely anime too (Haibane Renmei). The night should be similar to the other ones before, but i'm looking forward to play and test some particular stuff like the new album from Covenant called Skyshaper.Between personal reasons and the number of people that showed up, this night (09-02-2006 @ Bar do Bairro – Lisbon) was one of the best ones in every way.
Since i was still recovering from being sick (yeah again) and i have to deal also with some family stuff, i was on a hmm, very peculiar mood and with my mind somewhere else and not quite on this music night at the beginning.

Some minutes after arriving things become better, and also people arrived sooner, so i decided to start and see where things could go. Things quickly kicked into full gear and lots of people appeared on this night surprisingly (bar packed till 4am), and that’s when the night started to become really nice, but not because of the number of persons.

Basically the mood and people that appears generally in this place (Bar do Bairro) is really cool. They known lots of music, different bands, and you have all types of people there and not some kind of elite groups or something that you see sometimes in other places. It's really a very good place to go, drink and so on. I loved this night and even the music i liked for all the mix of stuff that was played naturally. Completely schizophrenic looking only at the names and even if you were there listening, the selection was diverse. But when you see people singing loudly the verses of Roxanne, cheering for Soundgarden or songs of Depeche Mode you know something appears to be working well lol.

Well, people had fun and that's all i care :p


~ by Azelpds on May 30, 2006.

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