31-10-2005 Halloween Party @ Lounge Café (Cacém)

The Young Gods – Lointaine
Skinny Puppy – Intro/Downsizer (Projecção do DVD "The Greater Wrong of the Right live")
Numb – Illumination Rounds

—-projecção de imagens (começou com algumas de Serial Experiments Lain) —-

Fields of the Nephilim – Requiem XIII-33
Sisters of Mercy – Ribbons
The Smiths – What Difference Does It Make?
The Cure – A Strange Day
Sétima Legião – Noutro Lugar
Joy Division – Shadowplay
The Church – Under the Milky Way Tonight
Peter Murphy – I'll Fall With Your Knife
David Bowie – John, I'm Only Dancing
Wolfsheim – Leave No Deed Undone
Assemblage 23 – Human
Depeche Mode – Only When I Lose Myself
Enigma – Turn Around
Garbage – #1 Crush
Portishead – Cowboys
Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy
Radiohead – Paranoid Android
Calla – It Dawned On Me
Suede – Everything Will Flow
Deus – Hotellounge (Be The Death Of Me)
Queens of the Stone Age – Go With the Flow
Nirvana – In Bloom
Sonic Youth – Drunken Butterfly
Alice in Chains – Brush Away
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Rich + Date With The Night
Throwing Muses – Hook In Her Head
The Bolshoi – Away
U2 – Twilight
The Cult – Horse Nation
The Sound – Winning
Chameleons – Dangerous Land
Sétima Legião – Sete Mares
Mão Morta – Cães de Crómio
Juno Reactor – Fallen Angel (Vocals by Traci Lords)
Covenant – Stalker (Club Mix)
Lamb – Gorecki
Skinny Puppy – Worlock (Projecção do DVD "The Greater Wrong of the Right live")

—-pmBlobs screensaver+projecção de imagens um pouco mais tarde (começou com algumas de Vampire Princess Miyu obras de Dave McKean) —-

The Young Gods – Lucidogen
Ministry – Missing
Tool – Stinkfist
Pantera – Walk
Sisters of Mercy – More (REQUEST)
Siouxie & The Banshees – Hall of Mirrors
The Cure – Lullaby (REQUEST)
The Mission – Never Again
From Pulp Fiction OST – Misirlou
The Young Gods – Charlotte
Tom Waits – Russian Dance
The Doors – The Spy
Mão Morta – Lisboa
The Velvet Underground – Venus in Furs
Tindersticks – Her
Talking Heads – Road To Knowhere
Duran Duran – Save a Prayer
Kraftwerk – Das Model
A-Ha – Take on Me
The Doors – Break on Through (REQUEST)
PJ Harvey – This Mess We're In
James – Waltzing Along
Sigur Rós – Gong

—- projecção do ShadeWorm screensaver —-

Interpol – A Time To Be So Small (Precipitate EP version)
Sisters of Mercy – Some Kind of Stranger
This Burning Effigy – Drowning the Veil
The Doors – Maggie M'Gill
Stranglers – Golden Brown
Pixies – Where Is My Mind? (REQUEST)
Placebo – Without You I'm Nothing
David Bowie – Space Oddity
Mazzy Star – Flowers In December
The Legendary Pink Dots – Third Secret
Siouxie & The Banshees – Melt
The Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning

—final da noite —-
Endraum – compilação pessoal de faixas


~ by Azelpds on May 23, 2006.

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