17-09-2005 @ Bar do Bairro (Lisboa)

Legendary Pink Dots – Green Gang
Bloc Party – So Here We Are
Muse – Sunburn
Radiohead – Go To Sleep
Calla – Don't Hold Your Breath
Kasabian – I.D.
Nick Cave – Red Right Hand
Tindersticks – Travelling Light
Leonard Cohen – I'm Your Man
This Burning Effigy – The Well
Clan of Xymox – Medusa
Lotus Eaters – Out of Your Own
Smiths – How Soon Is Now?
U2 – Bad
The Cure – The Same Deep Water As You
Interpol – Obstacle 1
Spiral of Silence – Leap (REQUEST)
Bauhaus – Lagartija Nick (REQUEST)
Siouxie & The Banshees – Mirage
Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up
David Bowie – The Jean Genie
Cult – 83rd Dream
Echo & The Bunnymen – Lips Like Sugar
Ikon – Fall Apart
Chameleons – Perfume Garden
The Bolshoi – Happy Boy
New Order – Run2
Psychadelic Furs – Love My Way
Blondie – Rapture
Ladytron – Blue Jeans
Curve – Answers
Juno Reactor – Guardian Angel
Underworld – Push Upstairs
Covenant – Stalker (Club Mix)
Apoptygma Berzerk – Love Never Dies pt1
VNV Nation – Rubicon (REQUEST)
Young Gods – Skinflowers
Ministry – Stigmata
Bizarra Locomotiva – Druidas
Alice in Chains – Sickman (REQUEST)
PJ Harvey – Joe
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps
Breeders – Cannonball
Pixies – Wave of Mutilation
Pretty Girls Make Graves – Something Bigger, Something Brighter
The Clash – Should I Stay, Should I Go (REQUEST)
Dead Kennedys – California Ubber Alles
Mão Morta – E Se Depois (REQUEST)
Cramps – Human Fly
Violent Femmes – Add It Up
Iggy Pop – Lust For Life
Morphine – Radar
Pulp – Common People
James – Sometimes
Elastica – Connection
Smashing Pumpkins – Love
Placebo – Without You I'm Nothing
Stone Roses – I Wanna Be Adored
Radiohead – Idioteque
Lamb – B-Line
Goldfrapp – Utopia
Siouxie & The Banshees – Cities in Dust (REQUEST)
Joy Division – Ceremony
Interpol – Stella Was A Diver And She Was Always Down
Fields of the Nephilim – Laura II
The Sound – Winning
Echo & The BUnnymen – The Killing Moon
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Rich (REQUEST)
L7 – Pretend We're DeadT
he Doors – Love Me Two Times
Nick Cave – I Had a Dream Joe
Stranglers – Always the Sun
Tear Garden – Circles in the Sand
Dead Can Dance – Xavier
And Also the Trees – Scarlet Arch
The Cure – One Hundred Years
Young Gods – Speed of Night (REQUEST)
U2 – Lemon
Skinny Puppy – Amnesia
Chameleons – View From a Hill
Pearl Jam – Black
Bauhaus – Passion of Lovers
David Bowie – Space Oddity
The Cult – Black Angel


~ by Azelpds on May 23, 2006.

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